Italy earthquake: Before and after images show destruction – BBC News

Images from before and after an earthquake struck central Italy show the huge scale of the disaster.

情報源: Italy earthquake: Before and after images show destruction – BBC News


Does M6.2 earthquake have a power to destroy a town?  This is a big surprise for us.  Maybe the earthquake center was very close to the ground surface.  But anyway, BBC’s comparison photos gave me a big shock.

European houses are made from bricks.  On the other hands, Japanese houses are made from woods.  If they were made from woods, probably small spaces for human-being to survive for some hours would be left even if the houses were collapsed due to the earthquake. However, probably, no space for human-being will be left if brick made houses are collapsed.

Two big earthquakes, M6.5 and M7.3, hit Kumamoto Japan last April.  The number of total death in these earthquakes was 50.  But Italian earthquake’s death toll has already reached at least 250.

Italian rescue teams do every efforts for search and rescue activities for survivors, but I believe probably the largest issue is how to mitigate the damage to the houses for earthquake.   We cannot recommend them wooden houses, but something should be considered for architecture of houses.






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